This weblog (or ‘blog’, for short) contains information about the history of the Gumbley family. Members of the family interested in our genealogy are welcome to write articles here, and start conversations about our shared past (and to discuss the present, and future).

The administrator of the weblog is Matt Gumbley, who typed up notes on his uncle John’s family history research, and made them available online. These are available at Matt’s Home Page, although they’re desperately out of date, having last been updated in May 2001. Since making this information publically availble, Matt has received many emails from other Gumbleys, but due to being generally rather busy, hasn’t been able to respond to them in a timely manner. (This isn’t just the case for Gumbley family history-related email; he just gets swamped in mail, and generally “switches off”).

Hence this blog… come on in, tell your stories!