If you’re a Gumbley, or related to one, and would like to share your family history research with others using this weblog, here’s what to do.

It doesn’t cost anything; all you need to do is sign up as a WordPress user. (WordPress is the weblog software I use to write the blog). Signing up involves visiting links sent to you via email, from WordPress. Follow the guide below, and you’ll be fine…

1) You’ll need to send me an email. My address can be found here. Let me know that you’re legitimate, and that you’d like to join up…
2) I’ll get WordPress to invite you. You’ll receive an email (the first one of three, for ‘invitation’). Click the link in the mail.
3) In the web page you then see, choose a user name, and verify your email address. Read the ‘terms of service’, and check the box to indicate that you have done so.

  • If you just want to write articles and discuss family history with others on this blog, select ‘Just a username, please.’.
  • If you’d like to do that, and start your own blog as well, select ‘Gimme a blog! (Like username.wordpress.com)’.

Either way, select ‘Next >>’
5) You’ll then get a second email (for ‘activation’). Click the link in the mail.
6) You’ll see the ‘All Set!’ page, and you’ll also receive the third, final email, giving you the link to the login page, your user name, and password. you can change the password later. Click the link in the mail, enter your username and password.

You’re now logged into WordPress! At the top right of the page, under ‘Your blogs’, you’ll see ‘gumbleyfamilyhistory’. Click that!

You can then ‘update your profile and password’ to ensure that your name (and any other personal details you want to provide) are correct. Then select ‘Update profile>>’ to save.

Then, to write an article – or ‘post’ – for the blog, use the menu at the top of the page: ‘Write’…
Choose a suitable title, and write the article in the large space provided.

Choose ‘Save’ to save as a draft (you’ll see the article as a preview at the bootom of the page), or to publish it for everyone to see, choose ‘Publish’. It’ll then appear on the front page of the blog, which you can see by clicking the ‘(View site>>)’ link at the top of the page.


Welcome to The Gumbley Family History Blog.

This weblog (or ‘blog’, for short) contains information about the history of the Gumbley family. Members of the family interested in our genealogy are welcome to write articles here, and start conversations about our shared past (and to discuss the present, and future).

The administrator of the weblog is Matt Gumbley, who typed up notes on his uncle John’s family history research, and made them available online. These are available at Matt’s Home Page, although they’re desperately out of date, having last been updated in May 2001. Since making this information publically availble, Matt has received many emails from other Gumbleys, but due to being generally rather busy, hasn’t been able to respond to them in a timely manner. (This isn’t just the case for Gumbley family history-related email; he just gets swamped in mail, and generally “switches off”).

Hence this blog… come on in, tell your stories!

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